The Frustration Continues

Here I present 6 months of frustration (so far). This piece began as a birthday gift for Emily. I came up with the concept a little late and due to my workload at the time and the thrill of summer weather, I missed her birthday by a few months. None the less she loved it once I gave it to her, but little did I know that the battle between me and this piece wasn’t over. But I will explain that later.

It all began when I found an awesome frame at the thrift store. It was a shadowbox with a clock mechanism punched through the back to make a clock. The coolest thing about the frame was the numbers on the glass. I loved their style and the fact that they were glow-in-the-dark. The frame itself was junk, compressed paper covered with a sticker to give the illusion of wood. I laboriously took it apart and sanded every inch. I then painted it giving it a really cool distressed look. I reassembled the frame and was very proud of it.

I then carved the linoleum based on a drawing I had done and pressed it to high quality printing paper. On top of that I did a water color wash, then positioned and punched the clock mechanism through the piece and assembled it into the frame.

Completing that whole process was a relief and I was really happy with the outcome. I attached the eye-hooks and wire to the frame and hung it in a perfect place in the kitchen. It hung beautifully for exactly one week, until I woke up one Saturday to find the frame in pieces across the kitchen floor. One of the eye-hooks had ripped out of the cheap frame and it had smashed beyond repair. Amazingly however, the glass was unscathed.

Vowing to Emily that I would fix it, I unfortunately had to put it off a while. Finally I bought a new frame, the same size as the previous and figured I would swap the two glasses. Well, the old glass is about 1/4 of an inch too big to fit in the new frame. So……now it sits, waiting for me to find the time and the patience to hunt down another frame that will fit the glass. With Murphy’s Law is in full effect, that my be a while. Now what began as a low cost, brilliant idea has become one of my most frustrating.


3 Responses to The Frustration Continues

  1. Hang in there. The painting is well done and very interesting.

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