This past week I was actually able to complete a project. This may seem like a minor success but given the status of all my other projects at the moment, it is major. I had a small window of time where I was at a standstill with the aforementioned projects and decided to seize the moment.

I don’t know where the concept for the work came from. I was doodling in my notebook one evening and ended up with a sketch of this piece. After looking at it for a bit, I decided “I feel like painting that.” So I grabbed a canvas and went to town. I used watercolors, acrylics, and pastels. I was able to finish it in a matter of 2 days, which is a very quick turnaround for me. For those who don’t know me well, my personal projects each typically take months before I get around to completing anything. See The Frustration Continues for such an example.


2011 V-Day Special


I am not  a big fan of Valentines Day. I don’t like being told I have to buy a bunch of junk for a day that has no meaning. Luckily, Emily feels the same. So we have agreed not to buy flowers or chocolates and to just do something small and heartfelt.

This is what I did for her. I decided I would make it and place it above her bathroom mirror, so she could be reminded every morning. I secretly hung while she was sleeping and left for work before she woke up.

I Have Chirpies


And for the second post of the double-header, here are 2 paintings I completed in December of 2010. I originally had planned for them to be Christmas gifts, but I ended up keeping them. They are both based on a doodle I did a while back. I included it as reference.

Both works are watercolor and ink done on watercolor paper. They are framed in 5 sided clear, acrylic frames. It’s the first time I have used these frames but I really like how they look.



This week I thought I would give the world a double-header. This is the first of those posts.

Last Saturday Emily and I had some friends over to play Creationary, a game I received as a gift for Christmas. Creationary is similar to Pictionary, only instead of drawing, you build LEGO creations and your partner has to guess what it is. By the end of the game, we all ended building whatever we wanted. The above creation is an outcome of that.

I build a tractor and trailer with a locking hitch, while Emily’s sister Ashley built a set of turntables and DJ. After she left I decided to combine the two creations.

Thanks for the help Ashley.



This is a piece I created in 2010. It was inspired by one of Emily and I’s favorite TV shows, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

It is a combination of collage, acrylic, gouache, charcoal, and rope on stained oak.

“If danger was a beautiful woman… I would marry her.”

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