Sick of Me Yet?


For the past year I have doodled multiple versions of this amoeba. From the first doodle, I really liked the idea of giving an amoeba a personality. I came across an older doodle of him recently, decided to refine it and do something with it. So I made this wallpaper and am thinking of taking it further. I’m thinking something large, in paint, on wood.


KP’s Rosemary Shish Kabobs


Slice up a red pepper, a yellow paper, an onion, and a huge ass steak. Marinate that steak in a variety of spices, worcestershire, and High Life. Skewer the peppers, onion, and bits of delicious meat onto sprigs of rosemary. Throw that skewered meat on the grill and you got some kick ass kabobs.

Accompany those with red potatoes roasted in olive oil with garlic, onions, and the rosemary you had cleaned off the sprigs.

That’s what I did Monday. What up now Bobby Flay?



This is a doodle I did last year. Probably while sitting in one of my liberal arts classes. I got a lot of doodling accomplished in those classes. I recently went through an old sketch book and thought I would share it.

Assemble a Pirate


Tired of looking at the same wallpaper at work, I created this one. I originally drew this for Emily last year. A friend at work mentioned how cool it would be to have a stuffed toy version, with attachable bear and the works. Now I have to talk someone in to sewing him for me.

Crystal’s Portrait


May I present Crystal Dickerson-Erskine. She is a family friend and Fire Chief of Jefferson Township (Blacklick, Ohio).

A little over a month ago her husband Mitch Erskine, a long time family friend, contracted me to create a portrait of her. I obliged, despite my crazy workload and the fact that I haven’t done Realism in a while.

I choose to work on a 24″x18″ canvas, with a combination of acrylic and watercolor.

I am very pleased with how it turned out. Mitch and Crystal were also pleased with the outcome. It just goes to show what can be accomplished when a client has total faith in their artist or designer.

Bonus: Here was the start of the painting from a few weeks back.

Damaged Good Part 1


This is the first piece in a planned series of Damaged Goods. It is Acrylic on wood, with twine mounted to the back for hanging. I plan to hang it in the kitchen but I don’t want it look lonely. So I should probably get on the ball, creating it another friend in the series.

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