Dali Is Watching You!


Who loves scratch art? I do.

This is the one and only Salvador Dali. I did this during my senior year of high school. It was the first work of mine that made it in a gallery. Hell yeah high school.


Mr. Camping, This Is For You


What perfect timing to wrap-up my most recent piece. Just in time to post today May 21st, 2011 the day of the Rapture. Party at my place for the next five months! Or is it 7 years?

Anyways, this piece I am calling Found Foot is acrylic on canvas, and is the first in a series. Stay tuned for the next limb I find. That is if the world hasn’t ended by then.

Did You Know That Clouds are Spaceships?


Wallpapers galore over at my place. I created this most recent one based on an idea inspired by an idea inspired by the one and only Chris Cimperman.

I originally designed this illustration to be a poster. See below for an example.

Jammin’ With The Oldies


On and off the past couple weeks I have been scanning and restoring some old family photos. I got some great old photos of my Grandpa. This is one of the more damaged ones of the bunch. He is 21 years old in this picture and yet today he looks almost exactly the same, plus or minus some hair, wrinkles, and grease stains.

On the subject of photo restorations I thought I would include this one from 2009, of Emily’s Grandmother Dorothy Anderson Tapscott.

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