I originally drew this doodle in my English Literature class during my senior year at CCAD. There was a while there where I drew something almost every class and would give the doodles to Emily. This is one of them. She has a habit of using them as bookmarks. Unfortunately this has led to some being smudged, crumpled, or left in library books. This doodle suffers from all but the latter.

Eventually this doodle found its way to the fridge and is now safely pinned behind a magnet. So before It got destroyed any further, I decided I would scan it and add some color.

It actually pairs pretty well with last week’s post.


Sassy In Disguise


Sasquatch exists. He works in Insight Communications’ customer service department. You’ve seen him around, in line at the movies, filling up his Toyota Tercel, and in the back of your local mexican restaurant slamming taquitos.  You’ve just never noticed because he wears a disguise. You can always tell if it’s him, because his disguise glows in the dark.

Sassy In Disguise has been a long time coming. Anymore, I feel like I start more projects than I finish. It feels good to finally cross something of the list.

This piece is a combination of oil based inks, gesso, and glow-in-the-dark acrylic, on watercolor paper.

I apologize that I couldn’t get a decent shot of his disguise glowing in the dark. I didn’t have the patience to set up for the shot.

Here is a picture of it framed. The color is a little more accurate in this one.

Crazy Ass Goat


On our most recent vacation to Holden Beach, NC I saw a field with goats. This is the result. I decided to add some color to make the goat even crazier.

Cool Dude Swimming Club


I recently purchased a new video/still camera. While I have been recording lots of video over our vacation to North Carolina and what not, this is the first finished video I have created with it.

That’s all the introduction this video needs. Sit back and enjoy.

Smashing Bunt!


I know I’ve gone a little off track of my goal to post once a week. But this and the next post should get me back.

Above is a quick doodle I did a little over a month ago, on the plane ride home from New York City. I had just visited MoMA the day before and was still feeling very inspired. I loved everything I saw at the museum, but Van Gogh’s Portrait of Joseph Roulin really stuck with me. I’ve seen it in books and on the internet, but the colors and brushstrokes just do not compare to the real deal.

Seriously though, almost every color in the spectrum is in his facial hair.


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