Sassy In Disguise

Sasquatch exists. He works in Insight Communications’ customer service department. You’ve seen him around, in line at the movies, filling up his Toyota Tercel, and in the back of your local mexican restaurant slamming taquitos.  You’ve just never noticed because he wears a disguise. You can always tell if it’s him, because his disguise glows in the dark.

Sassy In Disguise has been a long time coming. Anymore, I feel like I start more projects than I finish. It feels good to finally cross something of the list.

This piece is a combination of oil based inks, gesso, and glow-in-the-dark acrylic, on watercolor paper.

I apologize that I couldn’t get a decent shot of his disguise glowing in the dark. I didn’t have the patience to set up for the shot.

Here is a picture of it framed. The color is a little more accurate in this one.


2 Responses to Sassy In Disguise

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