Light Painter


This time of year, every time I see a a glowing jack-o-lantern I think of this character set I made. I call it Light Painter and originally created it for a Typography project as a Junior at CCAD. I made it by using a long exposure on my camera and “painting” each character with a flashlight in the dark.

It was a lot of fun to create but as with all my projects, I made it more difficult on myself by trying to do everything by myself in my very cramped bedroom at my parent’s house.



Pumpkin Adventure 2011


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Last Thursday Emily and I took a trip down to Circleville, Ohio for it’s annual Pumpkin Show. Afterward, we got around to enjoying some Here is a slideshow of our adventure

It’s Alive!


I’ve been watching a lot of zombie flicks lately, so here is a severed finger. I doodled this using ballpoint pen, brought it to the computer, and applied some color. Stay tuned for a severed arm in the near future.

Collin’s Senior Pics


It’s that precious time of year, time for senior pictures. I shot some for my littlest brother Collin a few weeks back and have finally got around to weeding through and cleaning them up. Here are a few of my favorites.

Collin is heading down a carpentry route at the moment. But it’s good to know that if the hammer and nails thing don’t work out, he could always go into modeling for Kohl’s catalogs.



To continue on my accidental theme of animal posts as of late, here is a piece called Swiminn. He’s a sea turtle, just doin’ his thing.

For this I used a combination of  acrylic, watercolor, and ink, on watercolor paper. I also refinished the frame you see here. It was originally this distressed cream mess. I cleaned it up, found there was beautiful wood underneath, and stained it.

Now go outside while you still can.

The Trophy


Well here it is. As you may remember I have been trying to get this piece on the wall for over a year. Now I am proud to say I’ve done it.

It took a lot of effort and a little luck, but I finally found a way to frame it. All I had to do was custom build a shadowbox (sarcasm). My awesome Mom picked up this beautiful frame at a garage sale for a buck or so. I cleaned it up, painted it a sort of metallic raw umber, attached additional structure to the back for hanging purposes, and devised a way to fit the print inside a customized acrylic frame with depth, which then mounted to the back of the larger frame with hinges. Then I found a stud to hang this frankenstein on. Now it finally has a home on our wall, right above the TV.

Special thanks to my brother Collin for going to town with the Dremel tool.

Hops Harvest 2011


Here is my hops harvest for 2011. What you see is a combination of about 25% Cascade and 75% Nugget hops. It has been 3 years since I originally planted the rhizomes and each year the plants have produced more and more cones. This year I was able to fill a paper grocery bag. Now I am in the process of dehydrating and freezing them. Needless to say, Emily isn’t thrilled with the aroma and lack of freezer space. Looks like I need to get brewing.

Extra special thanks to my awesome Mom Connie for giving me a hand in the process.

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