Nick’s Notre Dame Photo


Recently Emily approached me with the photo seen above and asked if there was anything I could do to correct it. The photo is of her father Nick Fedorenko (number 76) during his days playing for Notre Dame in the early/mid 70’s.

I know the color correction is obvious, but the photos above are not large enough to show all the detailed damage I had to fix. So trust me when I say that I sunk some hours in this one. I also had to turn it around really fast because he planned to take it to show his friends at the Irish’s last home game this year.

Overall it isn’t my best photo restoration. But given the timeline and the level of difficulty, I am pretty proud.

Also it is currently signed by him and hanging in Mulligan’s, an awesome bar and grill in South Bend.

And that wraps up the second half of my 2 part promise.


What A Prick!!


I know you may not have noticed, but I missed a week. Shame on me. For the few following me weekly, I will not let you down. I promise to post 2 this week to compensate for my gaffe last week.

So here is the first part of my promise. It is a quick doodle using one of my favorite black ink pens. I’m not sure where I got it. Pretty sure I took it from a waitress. I can’t help my self when I find such smooth pens. Sorry anonymous waiter/waitress.

Thunder Bark


Yet another classic Kyle project. Just when I take 2 steps forward, I almost put the claw of a hammer through the canvas. All is well now, finished and on the wall.

I call the piece Thunder Bark and the photo above doesn’t do it justice. It is a combination of acrylic, ink, and metallic spray paint on canvas. Feel free to come on over to the crib to check it out.

Another Found Limb




Finally, my Found Foot has a wall brother. This severed hand is acrylic on canvas. I wrapped it up on Sunday, just in time for Halloween on Monday.

We are starting to run out of wall space in our apartment. It feels great, and I’m not stopping.



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