The Smoking Clown


I imagine clowns are very angry in reality. Due to their contact with children and all the forced, over-the-top happiness. If they aren’t, I think it is safe to write them off as dangerously disturbed perverts.

This clown was done with ink and colored pencil, back in the good ol’ days when I had time to doodle on the clock.


A Bull Named Daisy


Here is another doodle done while sitting in class. I did this one during the last semester of my Senior year at CCAD. I really love the personality of this little guy. He would be great done real big in a child’s room.

Birds Are Gross


Continuing the theme from last week, here is another illustration explaining my dislike of birds. This piece was done on a dry erase board during a telephone conference call at work.

I know it’s not the best quality picture, but thank you Sara DeCrow for at least snapping one while it was up.

Bird Watching


Birds weird me out. I can go on and on about how gross and creepy they are. But instead I’ll just leave this ink drawing with you and move on.

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