Happy Birthday Little Bro


Yesterday was my youngest brother Collin’s 19th birthday. In honor, I passed on this mixed media piece. I originally created it for a Figure Drawing class during my Sophomore year at CCAD.

Collin and our other brother Cody helped me out endlessly during my stint at CCAD. I thank you guys a ton.

Happy Birthday little bro.



Here’s a weird one. That’s all, just a weird one, made with ink. Enjoy.

Dirty Randy Whatup?


This is my preliminary graphite sketch for a monument dedicated to the legendary Dirty Randy. I’m imagining it at least 20 feet tall, standing erect out of a well manicured lawn, just as Dirty Randy would have liked it.

Halloween 2011


A little late for a Halloween update? I say never. Here is a collection of photos from this past halloween.

Most of the makeup work was done by yours truly. Collin even let me go at him with permanent marker. Good times.

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