Nerd Banana


I am posting twice this week to make up for my fumble last week. I started this blog as a counter to the staleness of most artists’ work pages. In doing so I made it my goal to post at lest once every week, no matter what. While there have been a few weeks where I have not been able to post, I have always responded by double posting the following week. And I am proud to say that all weeks are accounted for with the total number of posts.

This week’s post is a pen doodle I made during a recent thumbnailing session at work. I am referring to him as Nerd Banana. He is also a never-nude.




During some downtime at my previous job, I came up with a challenge for myself. The challenge was to try and anthropomorphize an object into a character. One that could be recognized as a mascot for a fictional team or school.

With that outline I created this little fella above, with graphite and digital coloring. I never formally returned to the challenge, all  though you could look at my work and find plenty of pieces that fit the part.

This post also ties into last week’s, being that they are both the only stone characters I’ve ever created.

Strong, Silent


Need sleep. Can’t turn brain off.

Creativity always seems to strike at inopportune times. So what better to do than catalog some fresh ideas and catch up on my posting.

This fella here is another classic work time doodle. I would really like to see this in my future backyard, carved from stone like an Easter Island moai.

Poor Little Dead Dinos



These little guys were drawn during my fruitful stint working with the State of Ohio. What a great time, doodling and getting paid while working with awesome people. If you are reading this, I miss you guys.

Hard Boiled Egg Man


I would like to think that this man exists somewhere. Just a kind, gentle, elderly man, looking for someone to share his hard boiled eggs with.

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