It’s another English class doodle, straight outa 2010.

He reminded me of Niles from Frazier, so I named him such.


Sunrise Trophy



Recognize this? It is another piece in my Trophy line.

This one actually began as a test print on a white t-shirt. It turned out awesome, and I rocked it until I wore the pits out. Upon the realization that the shirt had become unwearable in public I decided to transfer it into wall art. I then cut it, painted it, pressed it, and wrapped it around my patented backing board. Voila, recycled art.

This happens to conveniently coincide with the event of our friends moving into their new house. To celebrate the occasion, I’ve decided to give this to them as a housewarming gift from Emily and I. Just do me a favor, and keep this secret for the next few weeks. I don’t think they read my blog and we want it to be a surprise. Thanks in advance.




Frankenstein as a Junior College English Professor? Yep,  another in-class doodle. I sure accomplished a lot of doodling in my English classes. This isn’t a representation of my professor at the time. He actually resembled a long-winded, homeless, Gandalf. Great guy however, very interesting man, and ver passionate.



I was at work, just playing around with some nice markers on vellum, listening to Thrice, and this happened.

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