Hard Boiled Egg Man


I would like to think that this man exists somewhere. Just a kind, gentle, elderly man, looking for someone to share his hard boiled eggs with.


Dirty Randy Whatup?


This is my preliminary graphite sketch for a monument dedicated to the legendary Dirty Randy. I’m imagining it at least 20 feet tall, standing erect out of a well manicured lawn, just as Dirty Randy would have liked it.

Halloween 2011


A little late for a Halloween update? I say never. Here is a collection of photos from this past halloween.

Most of the makeup work was done by yours truly. Collin even let me go at him with permanent marker. Good times.

Birds Are Gross


Continuing the theme from last week, here is another illustration explaining my dislike of birds. This piece was done on a dry erase board during a telephone conference call at work.

I know it’s not the best quality picture, but thank you Sara DeCrow for at least snapping one while it was up.

Bird Watching


Birds weird me out. I can go on and on about how gross and creepy they are. But instead I’ll just leave this ink drawing with you and move on.

Cody’s Christmas Gift 2011


Merry Christmas Brother Cody! You will be receiving this gift very shortly but in the meantime, here is a little preview. Because I put zero effort into wrapping it, I thought I would attach a festive holiday message. With just an ink pen and some simple computer paper I created for you the most beautifully wrapped gift under our tree.

Here it is nestled under our aforementioned, gaudy, overly trimmed tree.

Happy Holidays all!

Congrats Matt and Heather


To reiterate the title of the post, “Congrats Matt and Heather!”.

Last weekend we were invited to celebrate the engagement of our friends Matt Freado and Heather Hittner. As a gift we decided to package our recent Barleywine, along with a homemade card. This is what I managed to whip up in the short time.


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