Wooden Teeth


Got some downtime at work? Grab a hunk of cardboard and a handful of colored pencils, and get to work.


Awesome Ariolas!


Here’s another work doodle . I gave it as a gift to a coworker. I did this one with ink and colored pencil.

This piece ended up being the inspiration for Sassy In Disguise.

The Smoking Clown


I imagine clowns are very angry in reality. Due to their contact with children and all the forced, over-the-top happiness. If they aren’t, I think it is safe to write them off as dangerously disturbed perverts.

This clown was done with ink and colored pencil, back in the good ol’ days when I had time to doodle on the clock.

Larry David’s Floating Head


Here is an illustration completed during my Sophomore year at CCAD. The project involved creating an illustrated magazine cover. In the end I wasn’t really happy with the end result of the cover, but I’ve always really liked the illustration.

If you don’t know who the floating head is, it is Larry David. The co-creator of Seinfeld, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I thought the most fitting way to capture the essence of LD was to go surrealist route ala Magritte with his smirking, floating head. If you are familiar with is work I think this makes make sense.



Electric Giraffe 2


I have been getting a lot of good feedback on my earlier post of Electric Giraffe 1. So I decided to release his brother Electric Giraffe 2 to the world.

This piece was actually commissioned by Cindy Untch after she saw the first Electric Giraffe. Her request went along the lines of “I want a painting just like Electric Giraffe 1 but in green.” She is my favorite type of client.

The painting was created in 2009. It is a combination of acrylic, gouache, colored pencil, watercolor, and spackle on canvas.

2 Paintings for Emily


Because I wasn’t able to update the blog last week, I thought I would deliver a double dose this week. So here are two paintings I have done for my beautiful girlfriend Emily.

I have a tradition where every year for her birthday I create a work of art for her. These are 2 of those works.

The painting titled Electric Giraffe 1 was created in 2008. It is a combination of acrylic, gouache, colored pencil, watercolor, and spackle on canvas.

The other painting titled Lost Tooth was created in 2009. It too is a combination of acrylic, gouache, colored pencil, watercolor, and spackle on canvas with the addition of graphite and ink.


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