Asteroid / Comet


I am not sure what the differences are between comets and asteroids. Frankly, I’m too lazy to google it. Nonetheless, here are some doodles.

The latter, is based on a Typography class project from my CCAD days.


Trade / Blame




I found some more typography doodles. These were done while sitting through a Sociology class, Senior year.






The hardest part of posting is resisting the urge to start of with “Here is….” every time I begin to write. Now that the first sentence is out of the way, here it goes.

This is a portrait series project I completed back in 2006. It was part of my Freshman year Color Concepts class. The project requirements were to create 4 self portraits, beginning with a charcoal manikin study, a painterly portrait using a full palette, a stylized high chroma portrait, and finally a portrait based on the style and palette of an established artist (Henri Matisse).


Crooked Teeth



Here is a doodle I’ve been sitting on for a while. Came up with it back in College, intending to turn it into a much bigger piece. It still sits on my to-do list. Don’t be surprised if you see these Crooked Teeth again in the distant future.

Wausau Paper Swatchbook


We were presented with a swatchbook project, senior year of Ad and Graph at CCAD. The outline was to take an existing swatchbook created by a paper producer and redesign it into your own version. This is my outcome.

I designed the layout, printed the pieces, assembled them, and proceeded to replicate glossy additions using Mod Podge. Accompanying the piece, I created 4 postcards. These postcards served as design examples of how the paper line can be utilized.



It’s another English class doodle, straight outa 2010.

He reminded me of Niles from Frazier, so I named him such.



Frankenstein as a Junior College English Professor? Yep,  another in-class doodle. I sure accomplished a lot of doodling in my English classes. This isn’t a representation of my professor at the time. He actually resembled a long-winded, homeless, Gandalf. Great guy however, very interesting man, and ver passionate.

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