Congrats Matt and Heather


To reiterate the title of the post, “Congrats Matt and Heather!”.

Last weekend we were invited to celebrate the engagement of our friends Matt Freado and Heather Hittner. As a gift we decided to package our recent Barleywine, along with a homemade card. This is what I managed to whip up in the short time.



Pumpkin Adventure 2011


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Last Thursday Emily and I took a trip down to Circleville, Ohio for it’s annual Pumpkin Show. Afterward, we got around to enjoying some Here is a slideshow of our adventure

Hops Harvest 2011


Here is my hops harvest for 2011. What you see is a combination of about 25% Cascade and 75% Nugget hops. It has been 3 years since I originally planted the rhizomes and each year the plants have produced more and more cones. This year I was able to fill a paper grocery bag. Now I am in the process of dehydrating and freezing them. Needless to say, Emily isn’t thrilled with the aroma and lack of freezer space. Looks like I need to get brewing.

Extra special thanks to my awesome Mom Connie for giving me a hand in the process.

KP’s Rosemary Shish Kabobs


Slice up a red pepper, a yellow paper, an onion, and a huge ass steak. Marinate that steak in a variety of spices, worcestershire, and High Life. Skewer the peppers, onion, and bits of delicious meat onto sprigs of rosemary. Throw that skewered meat on the grill and you got some kick ass kabobs.

Accompany those with red potatoes roasted in olive oil with garlic, onions, and the rosemary you had cleaned off the sprigs.

That’s what I did Monday. What up now Bobby Flay?

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