Asteroid / Comet


I am not sure what the differences are between comets and asteroids. Frankly, I’m too lazy to google it. Nonetheless, here are some doodles.

The latter, is based on a Typography class project from my CCAD days.


Dead Monitor



While waiting for the thumbs up on a project at work, this happened.

This is my second monitor that acts very nutty. I often have to restrain myself from smashing it to smithereens. As an alternative I thought I would mock it through caricature.

Hobo Robot




I found some nice markers at my old job and started doodling on a piece of laminate. This is what happened.

King Stink




This is my most recent driving disc. It is a Nuke and S curves like a MFer. I love this disc and wanted to personalize it.

Dog Judge



While on a call with a client, she mentioned the fact that she had started assembling the memoirs of famous dog show judge. I thought that was awesome, so this happened.




As you may have seen, I incorporate a lot of typography into my work. When I doodle, it isn’t always cutesy characters, often times it is bits and phrases that come to mind. Here are 2 examples.

By the way, you don’t realize how awkward the word awkward is until you actually write it out.


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