Chris Cimperman: All His Glory


This is a tribute to one of the most photogenic men in the world. I decided to assemble this collection, not because he deserves it, but in order to expose his unique modeling talents to the world. Get ready world, here he comes.


Trade / Blame




I found some more typography doodles. These were done while sitting through a Sociology class, Senior year.




Hobo Robot




I found some nice markers at my old job and started doodling on a piece of laminate. This is what happened.

Creative Service Logo


At my previous job we were sitting around, considering changing our department title to Creative Services and tossed around the idea of designing a logo to represent ourselves. This is what we decided upon.

King Stink




This is my most recent driving disc. It is a Nuke and S curves like a MFer. I love this disc and wanted to personalize it.

Collin’s Senior Pics


It’s that precious time of year, time for senior pictures. I shot some for my littlest brother Collin a few weeks back and have finally got around to weeding through and cleaning them up. Here are a few of my favorites.

Collin is heading down a carpentry route at the moment. But it’s good to know that if the hammer and nails thing don’t work out, he could always go into modeling for Kohl’s catalogs.

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