Bird Watching


Birds weird me out. I can go on and on about how gross and creepy they are. But instead I’ll just leave this ink drawing with you and move on.


Crazy Ass Goat


On our most recent vacation to Holden Beach, NC I saw a field with goats. This is the result. I decided to add some color to make the goat even crazier.



This is a doodle I did last year. Probably while sitting in one of my liberal arts classes. I got a lot of doodling accomplished in those classes. I recently went through an old sketch book and thought I would share it.

I Have Chirpies


And for the second post of the double-header, here are 2 paintings I completed in December of 2010. I originally had planned for them to be Christmas gifts, but I ended up keeping them. They are both based on a doodle I did a while back. I included it as reference.

Both works are watercolor and ink done on watercolor paper. They are framed in 5 sided clear, acrylic frames. It’s the first time I have used these frames but I really like how they look.

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