Dirty Randy Whatup?


This is my preliminary graphite sketch for a monument dedicated to the legendary Dirty Randy. I’m imagining it at least 20 feet tall, standing erect out of a well manicured lawn, just as Dirty Randy would have liked it.


Cody’s Christmas Gift 2011


Merry Christmas Brother Cody! You will be receiving this gift very shortly but in the meantime, here is a little preview. Because I put zero effort into wrapping it, I thought I would attach a festive holiday message. With just an ink pen and some simple computer paper I created for you the most beautifully wrapped gift under our tree.

Here it is nestled under our aforementioned, gaudy, overly trimmed tree.

Happy Holidays all!

The Clayton Collection


While going through some old photos recently I stumbled on these gems. This is my cousin Clayton Robinson. I haven’t taken a ton of photos of him, but the few random shots I snap here and there always seem to come out crazy. I felt like I had to share his awesomeness.

Also as a quick demo for a motion graphics class I was taking, I made this little video using a deconstructed photo I took of him.

Pumpkin Adventure 2011


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last Thursday Emily and I took a trip down to Circleville, Ohio for it’s annual Pumpkin Show. Afterward, we got around to enjoying some Here is a slideshow of our adventure

Cool Dude Swimming Club


I recently purchased a new video/still camera. While I have been recording lots of video over our vacation to North Carolina and what not, this is the first finished video I have created with it.

That’s all the introduction this video needs. Sit back and enjoy.

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