I’m not sure when I did this pencil doodle. But the more I look at it, the more I think it’s a good start to a tattoo piece.


Trade / Blame




I found some more typography doodles. These were done while sitting through a Sociology class, Senior year.




Creative Service Logo


At my previous job we were sitting around, considering changing our department title to Creative Services and tossed around the idea of designing a logo to represent ourselves. This is what we decided upon.

Crooked Teeth



Here is a doodle I’ve been sitting on for a while. Came up with it back in College, intending to turn it into a much bigger piece. It still sits on my to-do list. Don’t be surprised if you see these Crooked Teeth again in the distant future.



It’s another English class doodle, straight outa 2010.

He reminded me of Niles from Frazier, so I named him such.



Frankenstein as a Junior College English Professor? Yep,  another in-class doodle. I sure accomplished a lot of doodling in my English classes. This isn’t a representation of my professor at the time. He actually resembled a long-winded, homeless, Gandalf. Great guy however, very interesting man, and ver passionate.



During some downtime at my previous job, I came up with a challenge for myself. The challenge was to try and anthropomorphize an object into a character. One that could be recognized as a mascot for a fictional team or school.

With that outline I created this little fella above, with graphite and digital coloring. I never formally returned to the challenge, all  though you could look at my work and find plenty of pieces that fit the part.

This post also ties into last week’s, being that they are both the only stone characters I’ve ever created.

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