Wausau Paper Swatchbook


We were presented with a swatchbook project, senior year of Ad and Graph at CCAD. The outline was to take an existing swatchbook created by a paper producer and redesign it into your own version. This is my outcome.

I designed the layout, printed the pieces, assembled them, and proceeded to replicate glossy additions using Mod Podge. Accompanying the piece, I created 4 postcards. These postcards served as design examples of how the paper line can be utilized.


Congrats Matt and Heather


To reiterate the title of the post, “Congrats Matt and Heather!”.

Last weekend we were invited to celebrate the engagement of our friends Matt Freado and Heather Hittner. As a gift we decided to package our recent Barleywine, along with a homemade card. This is what I managed to whip up in the short time.


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