The Idea Jar


I now present Emily’s birthday present for 2012. Not quite as large as last year’s but still respectable.

I started off with a 3 foot by 4 foot canvas and applied my spackled texture. Then proceeded on to the underpainting of paint pencils and crayons.From there I shot up the line work with my projector and positioned it on the canvas. I then finished it off with a combination of acrylic and charcoal pencil.

As you can see, it now has a home above our bed. It serves as an excellent dream catcher. Lately I’ve been able to replace nightmares involving Kristen Stewart films with fanciful dreams of anthropomorphic peanut butter sandwiches.




The hardest part of posting is resisting the urge to start of with “Here is….” every time I begin to write. Now that the first sentence is out of the way, here it goes.

This is a portrait series project I completed back in 2006. It was part of my Freshman year Color Concepts class. The project requirements were to create 4 self portraits, beginning with a charcoal manikin study, a painterly portrait using a full palette, a stylized high chroma portrait, and finally a portrait based on the style and palette of an established artist (Henri Matisse).


Happy Birthday Little Bro


Yesterday was my youngest brother Collin’s 19th birthday. In honor, I passed on this mixed media piece. I originally created it for a Figure Drawing class during my Sophomore year at CCAD.

Collin and our other brother Cody helped me out endlessly during my stint at CCAD. I thank you guys a ton.

Happy Birthday little bro.

Thunder Bark


Yet another classic Kyle project. Just when I take 2 steps forward, I almost put the claw of a hammer through the canvas. All is well now, finished and on the wall.

I call the piece Thunder Bark and the photo above doesn’t do it justice. It is a combination of acrylic, ink, and metallic spray paint on canvas. Feel free to come on over to the crib to check it out.

Another Found Limb




Finally, my Found Foot has a wall brother. This severed hand is acrylic on canvas. I wrapped it up on Sunday, just in time for Halloween on Monday.

We are starting to run out of wall space in our apartment. It feels great, and I’m not stopping.





To continue on my accidental theme of animal posts as of late, here is a piece called Swiminn. He’s a sea turtle, just doin’ his thing.

For this I used a combination of  acrylic, watercolor, and ink, on watercolor paper. I also refinished the frame you see here. It was originally this distressed cream mess. I cleaned it up, found there was beautiful wood underneath, and stained it.

Now go outside while you still can.

HOOT!?, the Follow Up


So here she is, finally hanging on our wall. It wasn’t an easy process (none of the projects I get my self into ever are), but HOOT!? is on the wall. Just in time for Emily’s birthday. Sike!

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