Happy Birthday Little Bro


Yesterday was my youngest brother Collin’s 19th birthday. In honor, I passed on this mixed media piece. I originally created it for a Figure Drawing class during my Sophomore year at CCAD.

Collin and our other brother Cody helped me out endlessly during my stint at CCAD. I thank you guys a ton.

Happy Birthday little bro.


Light Painter


This time of year, every time I see a a glowing jack-o-lantern I think of this character set I made. I call it Light Painter and originally created it for a Typography project as a Junior at CCAD. I made it by using a long exposure on my camera and “painting” each character with a flashlight in the dark.

It was a lot of fun to create but as with all my projects, I made it more difficult on myself by trying to do everything by myself in my very cramped bedroom at my parent’s house.


Larry David’s Floating Head


Here is an illustration completed during my Sophomore year at CCAD. The project involved creating an illustrated magazine cover. In the end I wasn’t really happy with the end result of the cover, but I’ve always really liked the illustration.

If you don’t know who the floating head is, it is Larry David. The co-creator of Seinfeld, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I thought the most fitting way to capture the essence of LD was to go surrealist route ala Magritte with his smirking, floating head. If you are familiar with is work I think this makes make sense.



Pumpkin Head


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Since I was in NYC this past Saturday and wasn’t able to post, I thought I’d give you this.

It is a series of photos I took utilizing a carved pumpkin. I started off with some long exposure shots and progressed into making my youngest brother wear it on his head while my other brother chased him with a large knife in front of our parents house.

I know I shot this while I was taking a photography class as a sophomore at CCAD. But I’m pretty sure the series had nothing to do with any of the assigned projects. Props to my brothers Cody and Collin for being such willing subjects none the less.

By the way, I went to MoMA in NYC this past Saturday. Their collection is jaw dropping, not to mention the German Expressionism exhibition they are currently showing. Wow.

Collin Couched


This week I present this. It is a charcoal drawing of my littlest bro Collin, done using a reduction method.

The weekend I spent working on this was really fun. It was the weekend back in March of 2008 when we got slammed with a blizzard. So Collin, Emily and I built an awesome snow fort, laughed at people trying to drive, and played Super Mario Kart for N64 all weekend. Oh, and completed this drawing.

Myself Through the Strokes of Alberto Giacometti


While taking a figure Drawing class during my Sophomore year at CCAD, we were prompted to choose an artist and to create a self portrait in their style. I choose the sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti and this is the outcome. I choose to use acrylics on illustration board and  am really happy with how it turned out. Painting in his style forced me to get loose and confident with my brush strokes, which was something that previously I had not been comfortable with. It is unframed at the moment, I should get on that.

Big Ol’ Glasses


I originally bought this frame years ago at a thrift store. It is so small and ornate looking, I didn’t feel that a photo would look right inside it. So recently, while browsing my archive of doodles I came across this fella. I’m pretty sure I drew him around 2008. Anyway, he looked lonely. I thought he and the frame would make great friends. Turns out they work well together, standing on our end table.

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