HOOT!?, the Follow Up


So here she is, finally hanging on our wall. It wasn’t an easy process (none of the projects I get my self into ever are), but HOOT!? is on the wall. Just in time for Emily’s birthday. Sike!





It’s that time of the year again. Time for Emily’s birthday present. And this year it is bigger than ever, 6 foot by 4 foot to be exact.

As with all birthday gifts, I try to keep them a surprise. But with this one, it proved to be too frustrating to do so in our modest apartment.

It all started with an original sketch of an owl I did that she liked a lot. She had also been saying how she wanted some artwork to fill some of the bigger empty spaces on our walls. I had been wanting to do some bigger works recently and this seemed to be the perfect thing.

I went to the Hardware store and bought an 8 foot by 4 foot sheet of hardwood plywood. I had it cut down to 6’X4′ and stained it light blue using a combination of oil paints and thinners. From there I created 3 cardboard stencils and hit them with a little white spray paint. Since I started with a finalized digital version I took the line work printed it on transparency and shot it on the board. With the line work laid out I went to town filling the rest in with acrylic and gouache combinations. Once all the color and line work was done I coated the entire thing in an acrylic gloss.

For never having worked so large, everything went quite smoothly. Now I just have to go about mounting it to the wall above our couch. Wish me luck.

Special thanks to my littlest bro Collin for the help with the stencil work.

Happy Birthday Emily!

Damaged Good Part 1


This is the first piece in a planned series of Damaged Goods. It is Acrylic on wood, with twine mounted to the back for hanging. I plan to hang it in the kitchen but I don’t want it look lonely. So I should probably get on the ball, creating it another friend in the series.

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