Emily Is a Hairy Beast


I originally made this piece as a card for Emily. Attached was typography that read “Emily Is a Hairy Beast”. Although it is far from the truth, it is still fun to call her that when she gets a little armpit stubble.

PS: Love you Emily.





I’m not sure when I did this pencil doodle. But the more I look at it, the more I think it’s a good start to a tattoo piece.

Trade / Blame




I found some more typography doodles. These were done while sitting through a Sociology class, Senior year.




Creative Service Logo


At my previous job we were sitting around, considering changing our department title to Creative Services and tossed around the idea of designing a logo to represent ourselves. This is what we decided upon.

Crooked Teeth



Here is a doodle I’ve been sitting on for a while. Came up with it back in College, intending to turn it into a much bigger piece. It still sits on my to-do list. Don’t be surprised if you see these Crooked Teeth again in the distant future.



It’s another English class doodle, straight outa 2010.

He reminded me of Niles from Frazier, so I named him such.



Frankenstein as a Junior College English Professor? Yep,  another in-class doodle. I sure accomplished a lot of doodling in my English classes. This isn’t a representation of my professor at the time. He actually resembled a long-winded, homeless, Gandalf. Great guy however, very interesting man, and ver passionate.

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